Clément Pit-Claudel

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Name:Clément Pit-Claudel

I’m a senior applied scientist at Amazon AWS, soon to join EPFL as an assistant professor. Previously, I was a PhD candidate at MIT with Adam Chlipala. My research focuses on programming languages, compilers, and formal verification; my broader interests include systems engineering, hardware design languages, security, performance engineering, databases, and type theory. I work on end-to-end verified compilation pipelines from high-level specifications to assembly language, verified compilers and fast simulation for rule-based hardware design languages with EHRs, and Coq tooling.

Country:United States
Affiliation:EPFL / AWS
Research interests:Proof assistants, extensible compilers, programming languages, hardware design languages, optimization, databases, and type theory


PLARCH 2023 Hardware Verification of Timing Side Channel Freedom in the Spectre Era
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